Hello. I am an User Experience Designer with over 20 years of experience. I have worked with LEGO, Microsoft, Sapient, and several other small design firms doing both hands on design and managing teams. This ... 2018-2020

In 2018, once again went through a major overhaul. In an attempt to better cater to audiences and address child safety restrictions (primarily the ability to link to social media), we separated the site ...


 LEGO Life is a social media network for kids under 13 years old. It is a multi-channel platform, involving a print magazine, app and website in 14 markets worldwide. I worked on both the marketing ...

LEGO Ideas

LEGO IDEAS is a crowdsourcing site where users may upload product ideas. If 10,000 votes are achieved, the idea goes into consideration to become a mass-produced LEGO set. In 2018 LEGO IDEAS began a merger ... 2014

In 2014 I managed team working on visual and User Interface design for a complete redesign. It is a massive project, which involves moving the entire site with thousands of separate pages and markets ...

Life of George

LEGO Life of George is an award winning project that allows users to scan real LEGO brick constructions with a mobile app. The apps include games and free-building activities.


The Exo Suit project was an experimental media campaign for a crowd sourced product from LEGO Ideas. The work was conducted by LEGO fans, activated from a central strategy and coordinated online. What happens when ...

Story Starter

LEGO Education StoryStarter is an in class toolkit to teach children about story creation. It includes an online and tablet based tool to create small comic storybooks to record the building experience.

LEGO Comic Builder

LEGO Comic Builder is a platform to allow user to create and print comics online. As a platform it was used by several themes and product lines on the LEGO website.

More to Math

LEGO Education MoreToMath is an in-classroom tool to teach mathematical problem solving. It utilizes smart whiteboard technology to allow kids and teachers to demonstrate concepts in front of a classroom. A virtual 3D building tool ...

LEGO Design byME

LEGO Design byME was a customization service that allowed users to design LEGO sets virtually, upload their creations to the internet, and then order them in real life. Additionally, users could design their own boxes ...

LEGO Hero Recon Team

The LEGO Hero Recon Team was a customization service that allowed users to design their own custom LEGO Hero Factory models online, and order the sets in real life. Additionally, the hero created could be ...

Microsoft Grava

Microsoft Grava was an experimental media authoring tool created in 2006. Grava was designed for educators to create immersive media and coursework. (Interestingly, 7 years later, most of the features in Grava are now available ...


A large scale information design project for the United States Marine Corps. These graphics condense over 20 pages of logistics flow charts to simple one page graphics.


Various projects from over the years. Personal work and other stuff.